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Mortgage Services:

  • New Home Purchase

    Allow Iliya Kukshuk to assist you in finding best mortgage broker Toronto to get your new home. Consider the list of private lenders and financial institutions to avail the best mortgage rate.

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  • Home Equity Line of Credit

    If you need to arrange for a home equity line of credit, look no further than Iliya Kukshuk. Get the money you need and sound financial advice you can trust with the help of a dedicated mortgage agent.

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  • Second Mortgage

    Contact Iliya Kukshuk, when bank fails to help in your second mortgage. Find best mortgage broker Toronto who is working with trusted private investors and is dedicated in smart investments to ensure best mortgage deal.

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  • Private Lending

    Major financial institutions adhere to strict lending terms, and this has compelled potential home buyers to turn to best mortgage broker Toronto, private lenders to arrange mortgages.

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  • Renew Your Mortgage

    Many people simply renew their mortgage with their current lender once their term is up, yet this is not always the best financial decision. For expert advice you can trust, contact Iliya Kukshuk today!

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  • Refinancing a Mortgage

    Refinancing your existing mortgage can be wise financial decision. Let Iliya Kukshuk help guide you through the process to ensure the best possible terms with professional advice for today and tomorrow!

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  • Bad Credit Mortgage

    Iliya Kukshuk works with a range of private lenders who are willing to provide mortgages despite a bad credit rating. Don't let the banks have the final word - contact Iliya Kukshuk today to learn more!

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  • Mortgage Pre-Approval

    Mortgage pre-approval is an important first step when you are considering purchasing a home. This process can help you find and secure the home of your dreams - let Iliya Kukshuk help!

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  • Commercial Private Mortgage

    Commercial mortgages are for businesses intending to open an office or commercial retail space. Contact Iliya Kukshuk to get more information about obtaining a commercial private mortgage today.

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The right mortgage is an important financial decision, whether it is for your home or your business. Iliya Kukshuk makes your financial security his top priority, researching all the options in order to find the right mortgage for you. A trusted list of financial institutions and private lenders helps to offer customized solutions and the best possible mortgage for you, regardless of the amount. Call (416) 400-2406 today to speak with Iliya Kukshuk.